Blitzen Trapper is a band who made a fantastic song about a boy who hears the call of the wild and runs off with a pack of wolves. It's poetic and melodic and captivating and would make a great coming of age novel. So I reimagined the song "Furr" as a YA novel. I'm fascinated by stories/myths of feral children: Tarzan, Jungle Book, Romulus and Remus, the 80's movie "Never Cry Wolf". The real stories are even more fascinating, albeit tragic and sad.
I played with negative and positive shapes because the wolf in this song might or might not be literal. The kid running wild and free in my cover shows peace and energy at the same time. And whether those wolves that call to us are real or imagined, they invite us to abandon convention and/or safety and go into the unknown. I included fir trees for the play on words (fir/fur) and because they're evergreen and represent eternal youth. I put the boy in a hunter's hat for the irony of an enemy of the wolves turning into a friend . . . and it reminds me of Holden Caulfield one of my favorite rebellious characters.
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